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Chapel Place: Commercial Building Survey & Concrete Repair, Portslade

Our client was seeking to convert this commercial property, Chapel Place in Portslade, Brighton into an office and workshop space.


University College London

Services provided:

Commercial Building Survey

Project Management

Contract Administration of construction works.

Transformation of a commercial property

We have been involved with this building since our client took on the lease in 2006.  At that time, we provided a full Building Survey, which gave our client a good understanding of their obligations under the lease.  We also gave advice on what works could be expected at the end of the lease.

More recently, the client asked us to report on and suggest remedial action for the spalling concrete to the lintels and concrete columns.  This was quite severe and we recommended immediate remedial action, using a recognised method for concrete repair.

What is spalling concrete?

When metal reinforcement rusts, it forces the concrete away and this process is known as ‘spalling’.  Spalled concrete will have lost some of its initial strength so remedial work is often vital.

Concrete spalling repair

To fix the problems, the contractor should remove all loose and delaminated concrete and expose the reinforcing bars.  All traces of rust should be removed from the bars.  Sometimes, the rust to the bars is so severe that they need new reinforcement.

The reinforcement is then coated with a proprietary coating suggested by the supplier.  Each supplier recommends in detail  how to apply their products and it is important to follow their guidelines.  Once the reinforcement has been coated, the concrete is usually built up back to its original profile, using a specialist repair mortar.


Checking progress and performance

In this case, the client organised the works themselves and the supplier of the concrete repair materials was Ronacrete Ltd.  The client asked us  to check on the progress of the contractor and ensure works were proceeding as expected.

When we arrived on site, we expressed concern that the contractor was not adhering to the manufacturer’s recommendations precisely.  We arranged for a representative from Ronacrete Ltd to visit the site and to discuss with the contractor exactly how to apply their materials.  The contractor made small changes to their working practice and the works were completed satisfactorily.

A happy customer

Concrete repair works, when carried out by a competent contractor using a recognised system, will help extend the life of a building.  It is always best to carry them out at the earliest opportunity as costs rise exponentially over time.

What next?

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