Expert Witness

2 paper figures held by human hands appear to argueWhy use the Expert Witness service?

In the event of a dispute, a report from an Expert Witness may be required by the Court to give an independent, objective and unbiased view to help the Court understand the matter and reach a sound and just decision.

It is the role of an Expert Witness to provide this objective view.

If you are in dispute over a matter and are unable to reach a resolution you can ask advice from a surveyor acting as Expert Witness at an early stage so that you have a greater understanding of your position.

If the dispute relates to defective building work it is important to have it inspected by an Expert Witness prior to a third party contractor carrying out works to rectify the problems and destroying the evidence.

The Court has authority to order the appointment of an Expert Witness once legal proceedings have commenced.

Reaching a decision

Reports have to be in accordance with the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) that govern the role of Expert Witnesses.  The Court may appoint a Single Joint Expert (SJE). The duties and responsibilities for a surveyor acting as SJE are the same as for any other surveyor acting as an Expert Witness.

Prior to Court proceedings, there may be a meeting of Experts in order to narrow down issues and try to reach agreement. If agreement is not reached, the Expert Witness may need to give evidence in Court.

Grumitt Wade Mason can help

John Wade is experienced in acting as Expert Witness and has given evidence in Court. He is registered by the Legal Hub directory published by Sweet and Maxwell and the UK Register of Expert Witnesses requiring references from solicitors to demonstrate his experience.

He has undergone training with Bond Solon a widely recognised training body. He has trained as an independent mediator in dispute resolution.

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