Refurbishment, Restoration Advice & Planning

The pitfalls of going it alone

Starting a refurbishment project can be exciting but unless you have the requisite skill and training there are many pitfalls.

It is heartbreaking when we are called in to inspect recently refurbished properties only to find that underlying defects have not been addressed and much of the work has to be undone.

Fans of Grand Designs or Sarah Beeny will be aware of how difficult it is to put together a budget and manage a program of works.

We offer insight into a wide range of technical problems that relate to the refurbishment and improvement of buildings.

What Grumitt Wade Mason can offer

We offer independent professional consultancy expertise in the refurbishment and modernisation of buildings in a package of repairs and improvements. We can tailor our service to suit your requirements and budget.

We can undertake a Building Survey prior to acquisition; provide an architectural design service preparing plans and specifications for obtaining statutory consents and for building contractors to price.

We undertake contract administration, assisting you in the appointment of a building contractor and managing the construction works and budget.

Our expertise

We work with a range of clients from private homeowners to commercial property developers and we have the experience and expertise to assist you saving time and potentially costly mistakes.

We have a network of local contractors and craftsmen that we have built up a relationship with over time. There is a wide range of legal issues relating to property refurbishment from CDM to the Party Wall etc Act and we have the expertise to incorporate these into a package of services.

What next?