Project Management

What does a project manager do?

Project managers are generally appointed at the beginning of a construction project. They help the client develop the project brief and then select, appoint and coordinate the project team.

They usually represent the client throughout the development process, managing input from the client, consultants, contractors and other stakeholders. The role is wider in scope than that of an architect, designer or contract administrator.

The term ‘project manager’ is widely used and means different things to different people. It is therefore important to establish clients’ requirements and expectations.

The project manager is not always the designer or contract administrator. However, at Grumitt Wade Mason we frequently act as project managers, designers and contract administrators.

Why use a project manager?

As project managers, we can advise our clients on alternative development options and help them to understand the full impact of their proposals and the constraints of a site, if a site has already been identified.

We advise on statutory and regulatory requirements and help coordinate the necessary consents. We also offer advice on alternative procurement strategies, conduct tender evaluation and contractor selection.

If acting as contract administrator, we would administer the construction phase contract through to completion.

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