Commercial Property Surveys

We tailor our Commercial Property Surveys to your requirements and to reflect your circumstances.

You can choose from a comprehensive Commercial Building Survey, which is a detailed inspection and report, and a more basic Commercial Principal Survey.

Both reports include a summary, and categorise repairs and defects according to their urgency.

There will be a section in each for your legal advisers to cover legal matters relevant to the property.

Commercial Principal Survey

A Commercial Principal Survey is an inspection and concise report.

The main objectives are to give a basic, overall assessment of its condition, focusing on the principal elements of the property. The aim is to cover the general condition and report on matters judged to be urgent or significant.

This report is not intended to give a detailed description of the property nor to provide detailed advice relating to defects. It is what is sometimes referred to as a ‘Level 2’ survey whereas a building survey is ‘Level 3’.

This survey is our own product and is modelled on the RICS HomeBuyer survey for residential properties. A Commercial Principal Survey may be appropriate if the property appears to be in reasonable condition and is of a relatively straightforward design.

Commercial Building Survey

A Commercial Building Survey is a more detailed inspection and a longer and more thorough report. It is suitable for all properties.

In the past it has been referred to as a ‘structural survey’ although it covers more than just the structure. It goes into the construction of the property and any defects in more detail – giving in-depth advice as to the likely causes and implications of the defects, and recommended repairs. Sometimes it is referred to as a ‘Level 3 survey’.

A Commercial Building Survey is recommended if the property is particularly old, run down, unusual in some way or has been substantially altered.

Commercial Valuation

Unfortunately, this is not a service we offer.  If you would like a recommendation of companies that can carry this out, please do contact us.

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