Advice on Maintenance & Repair

Why do I need help with maintenance?

All buildings require some degree of maintenance; the routine checks, inspections and works required to keep the fabric of the building in good order so it can function as intended.  Good maintenance is cost effective, reducing the risk of more costly damage later on and protecting the value of a building.

Inadequate maintenance can result in deterioration and damage that affects not only the appearance or performance of a building but the occupiers and Health & Safety.

There are a number of approaches to maintenance:

Cyclical Maintenance

Works carried out on a regular, agreed cycle at predetermined intervals; for example, external decoration and minor repairs every five years.

Planned Maintenance

Planned works to repair or replace specific elements of the building; for example, replacing a roof covering or renewing a lift.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Broadly speaking, maintenance work is reactive or proactive.  Reactive maintenance is work to address damage that has already occurred, such as repairing or replacing a leaking roof covering.

Planned preventative maintenance anticipates future failure, recognising that an element is at or near the end of its useful life so repair or renewal can be carried out before failure. This improves cost control and limits overall costs; for example, routine roof checks mean potential leaks can be fixed before they become serious – avoiding further costs related to water damage, such as plastering and re-decoration.

As part of our maintenance work, we produce planned maintenance schedules to set out the principal elements of a building, comments on its condition and life expectancy, and projected costs for future works in coming years.

Repair or renewal

Repair always involves an element of renewal, even if it is just of a subordinate part.  At some point the renewal of the whole becomes more cost effective than continued renewal of defective parts.

Refurbishment & Restoration

Refurbishment of a building is a process of improvement that may well accompany repair and maintenance.  Refurbishment works typically include renewing and updating services and retrofitting insulation and ventilation to bring it closer to modern standards.  Restoration works are intended to restore a building or building element to its former condition. Restoration work is closely linked to building conservation.

Helpful documents that relate to Building Maintenance:

Building Owner’s Manual – O&M Manual

Building Owner’s Manual is produced by contractors with information from building designers and contains details of construction, drawings, specifications, product literature, guarantees and warranties.

Health & Safety File

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM Regulations) relate to Health & Safety of construction projects.  The Health & Safety File contains details of designers and contractors and overlaps with the Building Owner’s Manual as it contains drawings and design material details with consideration given to future maintenance.

How we can help

If you know your building is in need of a maintenance check, are looking to restore and refurbish a property, or want to set up preventative maintenance to avoid unexpected costs and plan for the future, please get in touch. We would be happy to talk through your requirements.

What next?