Contract Administration

What does a Contract Administrator do?

A Contract Administrator manages the contract between the employer and building contractor. This is a role that was historically performed by the architect; and in fact most of the popular forms of contract for decades have referred to the ‘architect / contract administrator’.

We routinely work as Contract Administrators. We

  • produce detail design drawings
  • write specifications
  • tender to building contractors
  • check the tenders for errors or omissions
  • help clients select their building contractor

Our role during construction includes

  • undertaking periodic site inspections
  • managing the works for our clients
  • certifying interim payments
  • agreeing the contractor’s final account

When should you get a Contract Administrator?

Contract Administration is used on many types of contract, including maintenance works, extensions, new build and internal refurbishments.

We have found that clients find this a less stressful way of organising building works.

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