Building Defects Report

Do you need a Building Defects Report? Not if everything is straightforward.

If you are buying a home, as the first step, we recommend one of our residential surveys, such as a Level 2 Home Survey or Level 3 Home Survey to give a comprehensive overview of the property.

Nonetheless, clients often ask us to tailor a survey to their individual needs, usually when a standard survey or valuation has uncovered an issue which needs further investigation or after a client has been in their property for some time. This is when a Building Defects Report may be necessary.

What is a Building Defects Report?

A Building Defects Report is tailored to meet your requirements. You may only want information on a particular aspect of the building; for example, the roof.

We provide you with a quotation and then, all being well, arrange for a Defects Report that only reports on this part of the building.

As part of this report, we are unable to comment on other parts of the building but if we do see something that concerns us, we will bring it to your attention.

Our Building Defects Reports are comprehensive; they give a description of the problem and a recommendation for the future. However, if we can’t see parts of the building, we may suggest further investigation before giving a concrete recommendation.

Our reports are clear and can include photographs if agreed beforehand.

What next?