Building Pathology (Defect Diagnosis)

Unlike a general house survey, a Defect Diagnosis or Building Defect Report focuses on specific issues or concerns. Typically, this could be problems with damp, the condition of a roof, concerns over cracking, and leaning or bulging walls.

We routinely carry out inspections to investigate and report upon building defects that include the following:

  • cracking and movement
  • dampness
  • timber decay
  • roof problems
  • window problems
  • standard of workmanship

Why choose a Defect Diagnosis Report?

If you already own a property and you want a surveyor to inspect and advise you on specific concerns then this is the service for you.

We will inspect and focus on your specific issues and concerns.

To get advice on the whole building, take a look at our Surveys & Valuations.

Why use a Chartered Surveyor rather than other specialists?

A Chartered Building Surveyor has the knowledge and experience to inspect and report on a wide range of building defects.

Building Surveyors at Grumitt Wade Mason have experience in diagnosing building defects, designing and overseeing repairs. They offer an overarching view of the building and will advise you if other specialists are necessary.

For instance, where cracking is an indicator of cavity wall tie failure we will recommend a specialist contractor for appropriate investigation and repair. If we find timber decay, this could be dealt with by removal of the decayed timber and a period of drying or it might be fungal, which requires timber treatment by a specialist.

Our Chartered Surveyors are also highly regulated by RICS which is a further assurance of the standard of service.

Red brick wall being shored up in Brighton, scaffolding


What happens after the building defect inspection?

You will receive a written report with recommendations outlining what to do next. This may then be enough for you to engage contractors to carry out repairs. Alternatively, you may need further investigation to assist the diagnosis, such as removal of floorboards or removal of plaster to open up the structure.

We can help you prepare a budget cost estimate for the repairs. If you need to undertake extensive or complex works then you may want a Specification of Works, which we can provide.

We can also get estimates from contractors and continue to act on your behalf as Contract Administrators during construction and repair works; this includes site inspections and checking contractors’ accounts and payments.

If the defects we find are due to unsatisfactory workmanship or materials and as a result you have suffered financial loss, you may need legal advice. We can provide a report of evidence for use in legal proceedings as Expert Witnesses.

What next?