What Are Redland 49 Tiles & Should I Use Them?

Reasons to use Redland 49 tiles

Redland 49 TileThere is no doubt about it, Redland 49 tiles are not attractive. However, they are used widely as they are cheap to install. The tiles

  • interlock, which means they are easily secured
  • provide good protection from the rain
  • are extremely long lasting

Redland 49 problems

One disadvantage is aesthetic. They tend to lose their colour over time, which is often a worry to home owners. However, the discolouration does not affect their ability to withstand the rain.

The other disadvantage, which is much more serious, is that they are heavy and may cause the roof structure to bow. Recently, I had to renew a roof structure, as the rafters had bowed so much that repair was not an option.

House with Redland 49 Tiles

All in a day’s work

Prevention is better than cure. Strengthening a roof structure to accommodate the additional weight of concrete tiles is a relatively simple operation and this usually, for a small terraced house, represents less than a day’s work for a carpenter.

There are several circumstances when these tiles need to be used with caution. A major one is that they may contravene local authority planning regulations.

They should also not be used without special detailing when the party walls are not parallel. This was a problem I came across recently. As you can see from the photograph, the tiles directed water onto the party wall, which made the top floor flat very wet! I am designing a gutter to run down the side of the building to take the water.

Redland 49 Tiles: For or against?

There has been much discussion around the office over the use of Redland 49 tiles.

I belong to the camp that thinks when they are used appropriately, they are excellent for preventing water ingress and ensuring water is led away to the gutters as quickly as possible.

What next?

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