Keston: Full property refurbishment for Disabled child

What was the client looking for?

We were approached by a family in need of a property that would allow them to care and provide specialist equipment for their disabled daughter.  We worked with the family, their Lawyers and Occupational Therapists to find a property that would be suitable for the adaptation works required.

Type of property: Detached house

Length of project: 1-2 years

Completion date: April 2022

Services provided:

Re-modelling and full refurbishment for the needs of a disabled child

After looking at several properties, a suitable property was found and it was agreed that suitable alterations could be made to meet the family’s needs.  We initially carried out a full building survey, which would assist with understanding what work had to be carried out and this could be incorporated into the overall project.  Once the property was purchased, we worked closely with the all involved to provide a design that would meet the requirements and provide the flexibility of access throughout the property.

We assisted the family through the planning process and with some minor amendments we did obtain consent.  We then put together a building regulation package, liaised with the structural engineer, obtained estimates for equipment and prepared a specification of works under a JCT Contract.  We tendered to contractors and as the costs were close, I suggested we interviewed both builders.  A contractor was chosen and work commenced in June 2021.

Meetings were organised every 1-2 weeks with all involved.  We built up a good working relationship with the family, which assisted with running through the works as they progressed and avoiding potential issues.  Work was completed in March 2022 and the family moved in.  We visited the property with the contractor once the family moved in and carried out the final snagging works to the property, which is now completed.

It was a pleasure to work with all involved on this project.  With everyone’s help, the family now have the property they had wished for and have a versatile space that will adapt as the family’s needs change.

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