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Louise Heard

Louise Heard is an Architectural Technician and Interior Designer at Grumitt Wade Mason.

On the construction journey

Louise joined Grumitt Wade Mason in 2018. She is a qualified designer with a degree in Interior Architecture from the University of Westminster.

Louise’s previous work includes interior refurbishments in the hospitality, commercial and residential sectors, as well as extensions and loft conversions to residential properties. She is familiar with 3D computer aided design and can produce full models and renders, which often help clients envisage the outcome of a project during the preliminary stages and can assist greatly in the design process.

A passion for design

Travel has both expanded her imagination and strengthened her love for interior and structural design. Her trips to Europe, America and Asia have given her the chance to admire different architectural and design styles, enhancing the creative approach she takes to her work.

While studying for her degree in London, Louise was inspired by the city’s thriving design culture. The course provided an in-depth understanding of architecture and interiors, equipping her with practical skills, as well as encouraging her natural flair and creativity. Intuitively, she has taken great interest in both the interior and the exterior of buildings and she is aware that they both play a vital role in her work.

Flexibility and sustainability

Louise has a particular interest in sustainable design and wherever possible will prioritise ecologically-friendly solutions to a project.

Her flexible and inventive approach to her work makes her a valued team member.

What next?

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